Dad tears up while heartbroken teen daughter sings

October 29th, 2020

As a parent, nothing breaks your heart more than seeing your own child in pain. Especially when that hurt can’t be fixed with a quick kiss and a bandaid!

Jewell Richins posted a video to YouTube, as he often does, of his daughter struggling to sing as she normally would in the family car.

His daughter, Kabi, is suffering from a broken heart.

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They have plenty of videos of family fun in the car, and Kabi has a beautiful voice! The video begins with the beat to a song starting, only for Kabi to pause it and take a moment to try and collect herself. Reassuringly, he tells her:

“Just let your feelings flow. If you’re going to cry […] then cry.”

To which she responds:

“I know, I just can’t sing when my throat’s like that.”

It’s a really beautiful moment in a lot of ways, with Kabi’s dad trying to assure her that it’s okay to cry and fully feel your emotions. Kabi’s sister, Karrisyn, also tries to distract her with some Instagram talk and some loving closeness.

Jewell is even seen tearing up and getting emotional for his daughter!

That’s a seriously good dad right there!

“Try again,” he says.

Kabi collects herself and restarts the song, taking a quick swig of water. She begins singing, but decides that it’s a false start and she needs more time.

The song she’s performing isn’t exactly easy to begin with! It’s Lady Gaga’s I’ll Never Love Again!

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It’s a heartbreaking song, which makes it really quite perfect for the context of the video! The song was originally written for the film A Star is Born, the 2018 remake in which Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are the lead roles!

There have been three different versions of the film so far, with the first being made in 1937!

But no matter which version you decide to watch, the largest recurring element is that of heartbreak.

Seriously, if you haven’t watched the 2018 version of the film, do yourself a favor and get on it! It’s really heavy, but an incredible movie.

If nothing else, there is a huge musical appeal to the film!

The movie does revolve around the music industry, after all.

Both I’ll Never Love Again and Shallows, both of which are prominent songs in the movie, won Grammys for Best Song Written for Visual Media!

But despite the difficulty and advanced level of vocal performance the song requires,

Kabi is more than up to the challenge!

Kabi previously amassed over 2 million views on one of her dad’s videos with her incredible rendition of Sam Smith’s Too Good at Goodbyes!

Her voice is seriously impressive, especially for someone so young!

Listen, heart break is unavoidable. It’s going to happen, it’s going to hurt and it’s going to suck! It just comes with the territory of young love!

You have to go through a pretty painful process of figuring out relationships and sadly no one can really help you with figuring it out!

But Kabi’s family can at least help her through it!

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They try to keep Kabi somewhat distracted to keep her head held high, and more importantly, they are urging her to sing her heart out!

We already know Kabi loves to sing, and encouraging her to sing through her emotional suffering is a beautiful and cathartic way of getting her feelings out; all while allowing her to fully feel and process her emotions!

You can’t really ask for a much better way of processing grief!

But this is what I would expect from such a loving family!

The empathetic response Jewell has for his daughter is hugely important! It immediately provides Kabi with the feeling that she’s not alone and really demonstrates the strong bond she shares with her dad.

Seriously, it’s a constant comment for this family!

On just about every video they post there’s an outpouring of support for how loving this family is and how powerful their familial bond is!

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Ultimately, Kabi is going through something really tough that very few people have any kind of easy time with.

But lucky for her, her family is with her, supporting her the whole way through!

This goes double for her dad who has shrugged off toxic masculinity and allows himself to show his daughter that it’s totally okay to cry! Really, he put it best himself in the description of the video:

“Relationships are never easy but you have to love the bad with the good. We love you Kabi & you’re going to get through this because you have your family by your side.”

You can watch the touching video just below, and I highly recommend you do. You don’t get to see this kind of love between family every day, you know!

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Source: Jewell Richins, Jewell Richins (Instagram), Grammy