Gregor Colemen Gets A Second Shot To Prove He's Memorable

February 19th, 2019

When you have a dream, you can either follow it to the fullest, no holds barred, or you can let it go. There really is no in between, at least not one that will get you anywhere worth-while.

When one young man knew that he wanted to be a singer for a living, he was so confident that he made sure he’d never have to depend on any kind of corporate job.

With a giant colorful butterfly tattooed right onto his neck, Gregor Coleman has dedicated his life to that of a performer.

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Although tattoos are becoming more and more accepted and normal in today’s day and age, it’s still a pretty bold move to put one smack dab in the middle of your neck.

You can imagine Gregor’s mother’s reaction to his tattoos! But, while they might not make her the happiest, she still loves and supports her son to the fullest.

That’s why she’s right there backstage as Gregor goes in for his audition.

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Gregor makes his money as a busker, someone who plays music out on the streets for tips. As you can imagine, it’s not the best place to find an audience to really listen or care what you’re playing.

The first song that Gregor chooses to play for the judges does not go over well. Simon stops him just a few bars in to tell him that he sounds just like anyone else.

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At this point, it looks like young Gregor might even shed a tear but he holds it together to listen to what the judges have to say to him.

To be able to get anywhere on a show like this, you have to have a voice that sticks out. You have to have one that makes the judges feel something, a voice that tells a story just with the tone and the emotion.

At first, it seems like Gregor is going to get the ax, but then the judges get a bright idea.

They give him a second chance.

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Asking him to come back later in the day with a song that will resonate with them, they send him out to reconsider what kind of musician he wants to be remembered as.

When he does come back hours later, he’s shed a few layers of clothing and his guitar. There’s nothing there for him to lean on as a comfort, no guitar to cover up his voice.

This time, the judges are totally transfixed. They can’t look away from Gregor.

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While the performance isn’t perfect, it’s the vibe that he brought that the judges love so much. He put true emotion and spirit into this second one, and it is certainly much more memorable.

Do you think that Gregor deserves the praise he receives from the judges the second time around? His look, his passion, and his drive are all extremely memorable. What do you think of his voice?

One YouTube commenter had quite the controversial opinion:

“Whether anyone thinks it was a great audition or not, the judges saw something in him for a reason. He WANTS to learn and better himself, and he does have a good voice. He seems like a very modest and humble guy. He took the criticism VERY well and he was blessed to have been offered a second chance. I’ve heard better, far better. But the kid is good. I see and hear a lot of passion and potential. Simon knows what he’s doing people.”

Do you agree? See for yourself!

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