Granddaughter and son of two classic country icons team up for powerful tribute in their honor
The torch has been passed on and is carried on in the instruments and voices of these two outstanding musicians.
Valerie Ablang

If you are a country music fan, the name Loretta Lynn will surely ring a bell.

She is a known singer and composer of this genre.

Moreover, she also earned awards and recognition for her outstanding performance.

One of her known singles is entitled – Lay Me Down.

YouTube - Loretta Lynn
YouTube - Loretta Lynn

The song was written by Lynn’s son-in-law, Mark Marchetti.

Together with Willie Nelson, the two icons were able to give life to the song.

This is the first song they collaborated on, and the combination of their voices brought out its life.

Youtube - Loretta Lynn
Youtube - Loretta Lynn

The two friends were able to bond while recording and filming the video of their song.

Despite not seeing each other for a long time, the singers were able to finish the song with just one take.

Willie and Loretta have been friends for years.

YouTube - Loretta Lynn
YouTube - Loretta Lynn

Sharing the same passion, these powerful singers greatly respect each other.

Even though they come from the same music style, Willie Nelson acknowledges the talent of her colleague during their duet.

Their performance touched most of their fans.

The compelling voices used in the song have made it more emotionally consuming.

Youtube - Loretta Lynn
Youtube - Loretta Lynn

One of their fans felt the heartwarming rendition said,

“Just when you’ve thought you heard it all, the real stars come out to sing. Man, what a beautiful song!”

These singers know the way to capture the feelings of their listeners.

The song gives a powerful message.

“Lay Me Down” highlights the importance of peace of mind and being true to yourself.

YouTube - Loretta Lynn
YouTube - Loretta Lynn

It shows how humans should have serenity at the end of their lifetime.

As the lyric from the song goes,

“When they lay me down someday, my soul will rise, then fly away. This old world will turn around. I’ll be at peace when they lay me down.”

Loretta Lynn is living proof of her song.

The iconic singer recently passed away this October 4, 2022.

She departed this life with peace in her heart and mind. Loretta Lynn left her imprint on the world through her songs.

A memorial service was held recently to commemorate the legacy she left for country music.

Her granddaughter performed the song during the memorial service.

To commemorate the greatness that Loretta did during her performing days, a special event was held last October 30.

Emmy Russell did not miss the chance to showcase the talent that they have in the family.

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The tribute was attended by family, friends, and fans that extended their regards to the famous country music singer.

During the event, Lukas Nelson performed alongside Emmy.

The son of Willie Nelson, Lukas, serenaded the audience with “Lay Me Down” together with Ms. Russell.

The two performers re-lived the song shared by Loretta Lynn and Willie Nelson.

They received outstanding appreciation for their performance.

Hear the amazing duet in the video below.

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