Shy Girl Singing In Front Of Class Earns 5.8M Views

October 5th, 2020

It takes a certain type of kid to perform in front of an audience. And in high school, those kids hang out and support each other through programs like Drama Class and Theatre. They typically describe themselves as theatre geeks or nerds.

And as any drama student would expect, their supportive classmates persuade them to get up in front of everyone and show their chops.

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Michaela was singing her favorite song when her friend was wowed by her voice. He whipped out his camera and started recording.

Can such a petite little lady belt out a powerhouse song like Christina Aguilera’s “Hurt”?

And how can you learn to be like Michaela and overcome stage fright to give it your all?

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The fellow drama student behind the camera did what every other student would do when they witness a fellow thespian’s unknown talent. He makes her perform that talent in front of the whole class.

It’s like a moment of passage for performers everywhere. Drop any and all embarrassment and go for it on the stage.

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When Michaela finally gets everyone’s attention, she starts into Christina Aguilera’s “Hurt.” And just like Michaela’s slight frame, the song starts out small but has a big heart inside. Her vocals are quiet at the beginning but build to expose the powerful chanteuse waiting to explode.

Michaela can really sing. She rises to the occasion, drops the anxiety, and sings.

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Wondering if you could perform like this? The acoustics in your shower are pretty great, and you can belt out a favorite song with no problem while rinsing your hair, but what about in front of a crowd?

Maybe you’ve been wanting to sing at your best friend’s b-day Karaoke party, but don’t think you have the nerve. Well, here are some pointers on how to conquer that fear and shine.

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According to The School of Rock, some of the symptoms of stage fright are rapid heartbeat, narrowed vision, dry mouth, and a tight throat. No one ever belted out a tune like Christina Aguilara with a tight throat.

One thing is for sure Xtina has dealt with stage fright. In her online Masterclass, she discusses her fears.

“There’s an interesting thing that I find occurs when you’re about to perform, you have all those butterflies, you have all those nerves.”

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School of Rock has some tips for before the day of performance that you can use to get you ready for the big moment.

-Set yourself a limit on feeling nervous: Set a timer, feel nervous then move on

-Visualize the ideal performance: Positive visualization is used by successful folks in many different fields

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-Exercise to release endorphins: This tool is the best for anxiety management

-Watch something funny to make you laugh: Laughter produces those anxiety countering endorphins

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They also have tips for the day of the performance.

-Dispel your excess adrenaline to feel calm: Jump up and down, shake out your limbs, get that excess energy out of your body

-Slow your breath: Deep and slow breathing helps to convince yourself you are not in danger and soothes your system

-Avoid caffeine and other stimulants: You’re already full of adrenaline, so avoid adding more stimulants

-Smile to make yourself feel better: Boost good vibes by convincing your brain that you are happy

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Any way you can accept that you have anxiety and sit with it can help you get past it. Avoiding these feelings and shoving them away will only bring them back stronger than ever.

And it helps to have a supportive group of friends and classmates to egg you on. Just what every good Drama Class requires. Michaela passed the test, she stood up and sang. She worked through her anxiety and we are all glad she did because her performance is magical.

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If you love singing, but maybe you have the feeling that you can’t sing anywhere outside of the shower, then the video below may encourage you to stretch that muscle. It’s time to release that anxiety at the next social event. And please pass this along to those who could use a boost.

Watch the talented and brave girl below, what a beautiful voice!

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