Girl convinces parents to dance pop song with her and sprightly performance does not disappoint

October 28th, 2020

A couple of decades ago, it used to be unthinkable for parents to join their children in fun activities, such as dancing or singing.

However, as time goes by, parents become much cooler and they don’t hesitate to do weird and fun things with their kids. This is a way to get closer as a family, spend quality time together, and it is the perfect chance for parents to show their kids that they are human too, who like having fun every now and then.

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Thanks to this new approach to parenting, we have seen parents dance to popular songs with their kids, lip sync with them, participate in TikTok videos, and what not.

Just like Jansen O’Dell’s parents, who thought it wouldn’t hurt to join their daughter in dancing to “Uptown Funk”. Of course, the fact that their daughter is a professional choreographer helped and assured them that the result would be at least decent.

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And they were not mistaken. The three of them dance to the popular song as if no one’s watching, and their video goes viral on YouTube.

We can only guess how long it took Jansen to convince her parents to dance with her, and we are pretty sure she assured them it would be fun and they looked great in the video- which they actually did.

So, as you can see in the video below, it all starts with mom and dad, Robyn and Rick O’Dell, who enter the scene looking as cool as possible. After a much needed fist-bump, they welcome their daughter to the “dance floor”, and they all get ready to rock and roll!

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Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars start singing, and the family of three starts dancing to the choreography.

Mom and dad look as if they’ve been practicing the dance for a long time, and their performance is really good!

Funny thing, they’re all sporting sunglasses, which makes the whole thing look even cooler.

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So, the three of them start dancing.

They first do the “walking” move, then they follow the lyrics and their moves are in accordance to them. For instance, when the song goes “gonna kiss my self, so pretty”, the three amateur dancers blow a kiss to the camera.

Similarly, when they hear the words “I’m too hot, hot damn”, they pretend to be hot and using their hand as a fan. And, finally, when the singers go “Stop, wait a minute!”, they actually freeze for a moment, following the lyrics of the song.

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Who did a better job? Well, all of them deserve praise and it is obvious they have done a lot of work so that they could have this result. Yet, the dad seems to be a “natural talent”, unlike the mother, who looks as if she’s looking at the moves all the time, trying to copy them.

The video went viral on YouTube with more than 1 million views since April 2015.

More than 8 thousand people also upvoted their attempt, and hundreds left their comment below it.

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“You[r] mum and dad are the coolest parents ,you smashed that,” one viewer wrote, while someone else commented on the obvious: “She gets her rhythm from her dad ha ha”.

The amusing video is available for you to enjoy below.

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