Fans imagine what George Harrison and Nina Simone duet would sound like in haunting song remix

April 9th, 2021

After the Beatles split many were left distraught.

A whole generation was enveloped in utter shock and sorrow.

All the band members went on to walk in their own paths, and the “silent Beatle” George Harrison pursued his passions and released his own music. Perhaps because of his independence, fans have wondered what it would be like if Harrison performed more with other aritsts.

That’s why fans loaded a soulful remix of George Harrison’s demo version in 1969 and Nina Simone’s rendition in 1972 of the song “Isn’t It A Pity” to YouTube.

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“Isn’t It A Pity” is a song by Harrison from his 1970 solo album All Things Must Pass, after the group’s disbandment in the same year.

Harrison wrote the song in 1966, but it was rejected many times to be included in the albums released by the Beatles.

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On the other side, Eunice Kathleen Waymon, aka Nina Simone, was an American singer, songwriter, musician, arranger and civil rights activist.

Her music covers a vast range of musical styles that includes classical, jazz, blues, folk, R&B, gospel and pop. Her rendition of the song “Isn’t It A Pity” has been revered to be the most successful.

The initial message of the song, and the manner in which it was produced, has been captured perfectly in the way by Harrison and Simone.

The song kicks off with a mellow tune and Harrison’s soothing voice.

Just the first few seconds of the mash-up already speaks of pain and regret. A strumming of guitar adorns the melodies as Harrison continues to serenade in his usual calm and effortless manner.

Simone enters with his signature contralto voice.

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The two voices really complement each other, while giving justice to the essence of the song. It is deeply moving and very powerful.

With potent lyrics and infectious rhythms and a laconic melody, the iconic guitarist takes us through the spiritual balancing we must all go through.

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Love, meaning and connection have been a recurring theme in many of Harrison’s songs, both while he was still in The Beatles and during his solo career.

Yet his lyrics still adopted a nonjudgmental tone throughout the duration of this song, while still carried forward by the ebbing and flowing undercurrent of lament. Hence it can be interpreted in many ways possible depending on its listeners, without limitations.

The scope of his question is really broad, it encompasses almost everything.

For one, it can be seen as a personal observation of a failed relationship, yet at the same time, it can also be taken as a comment on the universal love for humankind.

And Laurent, who goes by the codename sologui, is the person who is behind this mashup.

The way he managed to blend these two different versions is special.

The remix maintained the simplicity and depth of the song, which has been described as the emotional and musical centerpiece of Harrison’s solo album. Who would have thought such a thing is possible? For me, it doesn’t sound like fan-mad at all.

Harrison’s music displayed an unobtrusive kind of wisdom and real emotional maturity.

And kudos to Laurent for blessing our ears with a one-of-a-kind musical experience.

Whether you are a Beatles fan or not, this video is really worth it so check it out just click on the link below to listen to the whole track.

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