Family’s karaoke performance of “Les Miserables” song is so good it should be on Broadway
How do you get that many good singers in one family? They sound like they're straight out of the movie. 😍
Elijah Chan

For those of us who love singing, how do you envision your family karaoke?

Of course, there will be drinks all around.

One of your aunts will open the night with her signature pitch-perfect song and somewhere down the night, you’d convince your drunk cousin to take the mic even if she can’t tell the difference between tones.

A family in Utah, however, doesn’t have this kind of challenge.

And when someone says “it runs in the family,” anyone would easily believe it once they hear them all sing.

In a now-viral video, The LeBaron family just raised the bar for karaoke.

The members of the family gathered in their living area as the notes from the famous Broadway musical Les Miserables’ “One Day More” opened the performance.

With their seemingly normal appearance, one will never expect the amazing voices they all possess.

The performance was requested by their mother and it was a request they are more than willing to fulfill and sing their hearts out.

Every member in attendance got a role.

Jayson LeBaron sang the parts of Jean Valjean, a man who was imprisoned because of stealing a loaf of bread. Landon, meanwhile, sang the parts of Javert, a gendarme who wielded blind justice in order to bring Valjean back to prison.

YouTube Screenshot - The LeBaron Family
YouTube Screenshot - The LeBaron Family

The men proved to be amazing singers but their YouTube audience swooned over the ladies who sang the challenging parts of Eponine, sang by Karina, and Cosette, sang by Angela, and Fantine, by Kaitlyn Hipwell.

YouTube Screenshot - The LeBaron Family
YouTube Screenshot - The LeBaron Family

Other characters were also given voices. Marius was played by Jordon LeBaron, Enjolras by Juston, and the opportunistic Thenardiers by Heidi and Gerald.

Jayson said that musicality runs in their family.

“We’ve all grown up singing together and we all married musically talented people,” said Jayson LeBaron to 2News.

Their father played the piano and their mom has always been the family’s musical director. All of them got involved in theater productions in one way or the other, and have joined various shows throughout high school and college.

People on the internet praised their performance.

“How is it possible that every single person in this family can sing like this, like they’re stage-ready? I’m floored by the amazing talent in a single family.” One person said.

“I love how their faces go really happy when someone hits a note or simply sings. You can tell they r a family of love and support,” said another.

They also played jokes about how talented the family is.

“Did you just assemble a choir of unrelated people and claim to be all one family? I can’t imagine any other scenario.” One commenter said in disbelief.

A comment that received 11,000 like said, “In order to marry into the family, you probably have to audition.”

Jayson said that music is a very important part of their family life.

“Music has been a unifying thing in our family,” he said, as quoted by NBC 24. He shared that since their family was dispersed all over Utah, they come together in “good times and during the trials” to play and enjoy music.

“Singing is the glue that has held our family together during the tough times,” Dennise LeBaron, their mother, told NBC Salt Lake City affiliate KSL.

Watch this family’s rendition of a Broadway classic.

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