Darling flower girl gets crowd roaring with her dance moves when song changes

December 7th, 2020

Sometimes the best part of a wedding can be the dance floor. Everyone has a couple of drinks and then just lets loose. But the most entertaining is never the adults with a wedding buzz, it’s the flower girls and the ring bearers with too much energy built up from sitting through the ceremony.

This little flower girl was no different when her jam came on at the reception.

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She can be first seen making her rounds to Justin Beiber’s “Baby’.

The little girl can’t be older than seven and she is really feeling the song. So much so, that more than just trotting around she’s practically doing the robot with her shoulder and leg moves that get everyone in the room laughing.

At one point her feet are even moving too fast for her little body to keep up! Just as people are getting back to their dinner and conversation, the song changes and you bet this little girl is ready for it.

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The unmistakable opening line from “Gangnam Style” starts to play and everyone looks to the dance floor.

The little girl has already started in with the iconic dance moves from the famous music video. She manages to rope in a dance partner but even he can’t take his eyes off the little girl and her epic moves. He keeps up with her pretty well (for an adult) but this little girl is there to steal the show.

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Even though she’s so young and clearly just having fun, her steps are perfectly on beat. She knows all the moves by heart and does them flawlessly in her fluffy little dress. If she wasn’t in a dance class before, she will be after this!

To keep up that kind of move for a whole 2 minutes would wear out anyone else, but this little girl doesn’t stop.

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For those that are on board with the ‘adults only’ reception trend happening, they are missing out on all the fun.

And more importantly the free entertainment.

The song slows down right before the chorus, and so does she, but only for a moment because she knows what’s coming next. She falls back on her signature shoulder shakes and hip swings right before the chorus “Oppan Gangnam Style”. She busts out the choreographed moves again with even more energy before and the reception goes absolutely wild for it.

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She has everyone in this room wrapped around her finger.

Everyone is laughing, cheering her on, and loving this performance. We hear the Dj on the microphone giving her a shoutout and if there was anyone in the room that wasn’t watching, they are now.

Her mom and dad should be proud because this little girl looks like she could be a professional dancer someday with those moves and energy, but for now, I’m sure they’re just glad they’re all going to get a great night’s sleep.

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