Teen Secretly Films Dad Singing A Stunning Cover Of "Tennesse Whiskey"

December 13th, 2017

The song “Tennessee Whiskey” has been around for a long time. It’s a George Jones original and has recently been covered by Chris Stapleton. Even more recently, however, the song has been making its way around the internet yet again thanks to an incredible cover done by a Texas dad.

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Kris Jones’ cover of the country classic may very well be the best version of the song out there.

We can’t stop swaying along to the “Tennessee Whiskey” Dad’s classic sound. Plus, how cute is it that his daughter was the one to capture this truck concert? It’s adorable that she was lip-syncing along the whole time. She’s clearly very proud of her dad!

She has good reason to be, too. Jones’ fan-base has grown so much since this video was uploaded. Everyone’s loving his voice!

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Even Ellen DeGeneres is a fan! Jones and his daughter, Dayla, appeared on “The Ellen Show” after the video (that was originally intended for Dayla and her friends) reached over a million views. While there, Jones explained that he had always wanted to be a singer, but life got in the way of his dreams.

Lucky for him (and us!) Jones now has opportunities to follow his dreams. He even announced that he plans on auditioning for the upcoming season of “The Voice.” We couldn’t be happier!

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So, before you watch him during the popular singing competition, be sure you check out this video. It will blow you away!

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