Dad Turns Camera On And Sings Disney Hit Only Millions Fell In Love With Daughter's Voice

December 3rd, 2018

When Disney introduced two new princesses in “Frozen” in 2013, kids everywhere went wild for them. No one can ever forget Queen Elsa’s powerful ballad “Let It Go,” belted out by Idina Menzel. The song has been parodied, lip-synched, and covered all over the internet.

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But no cover is more adorable than the 2014 upload from YouTube user Britny Pittman.

The video features dad Billy with his 3-year-old daughter, Blakely. Both are performing with everything they have … though that means something slightly different for each of them.

The song is clearly a favorite of Blakely and Billy alike. And it’s obviously not the first time they’ve rocked out together.

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Blakely is absolutely adorable, putting her heart and soul into performing, just like Queen Elsa.

But it’s her dad’s commentary and encouragement that take the performance up another notch. He praises her throughout the song, applauding her energy and continuing to encourage her to give it everything she has. And Blakely does.

“Louder!” he tells her. “So small! Sing it! I got drums, girl. Let’s do it loud this time!”

Billy also sings along, sometimes in a silly falsetto, sometimes forgetting a few of the words. But he takes it all in stride.

“Remix,” he jokes after flubbing a line. “‘Cold never bothered me anyway’ — I add that every once in a while.”

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As for Blakely, she’s too invested in her song to even notice.

She’s not just singing — she’s acting the scene out, dancing, and holding both arms out as though performing in front of a huge audience. Little did she know that their video would pull in 17 million views on YouTube.

During one musical interlude, dad and daughter begin to dance in time. Her father’s silly dance moves make Blakely start to laugh as she grooves in her car seat. And her happiness makes him burst out laughing, too.

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Billy even indulges in some very princess-like gestures during the song’s powerful crescendo, making everyone in the car laugh.

With his tattoos and muscles, Billy looks like the last person who would know all the details of a Disney princess movie. But he owns it. And his daughter thinks it’s amazing.

“Done!” he says at the end of the song. “Goodnight, Dallas!”

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It’s far from the only time a dad and daughter have touched the internet’s heart with a Disney duet.

In a video entitled “Yes, I’m a Dork … But I’m Her Dork..Daddy/Daughter Lip Sync Duet,” YouTuber Andrew Tucker and his daughter lip-synched another Disney tune.

Their song of choice? Another hit from “Frozen” — the duet “Love is an Open Door.”

Tucker and his daughter are absolutely adorable. They might not be really singing, but they nail everything down to the dialogue on the track.

Tucker’s little girl is a little shy at first. But with her father’s encouragement, she eventually breaks out of her shell and starts to enjoy herself. Her dad, meanwhile, clearly knows every part of the song. He might not be singing, but he’s lip-synching his heart out, even down to the backup vocals.

The song is obviously a favorite of both father and daughter.

She’s a very serious little performer, taking the part of Princess Anna on with a lot of gravitas — something that makes her father burst out laughing at the end of the video as she falls back onto the seat of the car.

The YouTube video’s comment section is full of admiration for the sweet father-daughter relationship and even people talking about how much they’d love to experience that for themselves one day. Others fondly remember their own fathers and wish they could have made similar videos.

“My daddy passed when I was 15, but this is exactly something he would’ve done with me when I was young,” user Alyse Gross commented. “(If we would’ve had the technology.) My heart is off to this Dad for being such a great father! I say this from experience, she will never forget moments like these!”

One thing is obvious: These great fathers would obviously do anything in the entire world for their daughters. Even put on a show as a Disney princess.

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