Crowd admires Irish dancer but has no idea adorable dancing toddler is about to steal the show
This child has the soul of Ireland in her blood.
Jenny Brown

When walking the streets of a new city, it is always fun for tourists to watch street performers.

Street performers often help tourists see the culture of the city and country they are visiting.

When walking the streets of Galway, Ireland, watching the Irish dancers perform is always a treat.

One of those dancers is the All-Ireland Champion, Emma O’Sullivan.

Facebook - Emma Dances
Facebook - Emma Dances

Emma O ‘Sullivan was raised in Connemara, Ireland, which is within the county of Galway.

Emma has toured the entire globe dancing to traditional Irish music.

The type of Irish dance she performs is Sean-nós, and she is actually known as the Queen of Sean-nós in Ireland!

Emma has kept dancing on the streets of Galway for tourists and residents, even with a resume like hers.

Facebook - Emma Dances
Facebook - Emma Dances

Emma can always father a crowd of tourists and residents to watch her beautiful dancing.

During one of these performances, one audience member stole the show from Emma, but even Emma seemed okay with it!

That is because the person that stole the show was the cutest little girl that wanted to dance just like her!

YouTube Screenshot - The West Awake
YouTube Screenshot - The West Awake

The performance took place on Shop Street in Galway, Ireland.

Once Emma realized she had the cutest little dancer dancing alongside her, she decided to share her “stage.”

Emma pointed out the little dancer to her videographer so that he could videotape the cuteness!

Emma then danced over to the little girl to keep her going!

This little girl was a natural.

The little girl carefully watches Emma’s feet as she tries to copy every move.

Once she is comfortable with her feet, it seems she adds in her hands!

Once the crowd realizes that Emma has started dancing for the little girl, they all begin to watch her as well.

She is already getting an audience for her dance at such a young age!

The little girl looks towards her family to show off her moves, and once she sees their smiling faces, it is game on!

She gets closer to Emma to dance with her.

Emma and the crowd loves it as much as the little girl.

Many of the phone cameras and cameras from the audience turn their lens to the little girl!

YouTube Screenshot - The West Awake
YouTube Screenshot - The West Awake

At the end of the performance, the crowd gave rousing applause!

The applause was not only for Emma O’Sullivan but for the little girl as well.

Even Emma claps for the little girl, who seems too young to understand!

The little girl looked around and started to give little claps as well.

YouTube Screenshot - The West Awake
YouTube Screenshot - The West Awake

What a sweet moment for the little girl and Emma.

For a professional dancer to include this little girl is just amazing!

The little girl’s family will not forget this moment.

This may be the beginning of this little girl’s dancing career!

Click the video below to see this adorable street-dancing performance!

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