10 cowgirls light up the stage with energetic moves without missing a beat

February 7th, 2020

In a YouTube video that already had more than a million and a half views since it was uploaded, a dance troupe of small “cowgirls” takes the stage and they completely wow the audience.

Their perfectly choreographed routine will leave you stunned and amused as well.

They bring a new sense of spirit and energy to the already fun Witch Doctor song.

The stage is set

The backdrop to the stage Is carefully hung white material with a splash of color found in a row of balloons of every color of the rainbow, but soon it will be the dancers on the stage that keep the audience’s, and later the internet community’s, attention. They definitely got everyone’s interest. Not only does their video have a significant amount of views, but they also have well over six thousand likes on YouTube alone.

That’s not bad for a dance rehearsal!

swiggle1 dot pattern2 rainbow
ARTICO Video via YouTube Source: ARTICO Video via YouTube

Getting the music started

As the music starts, the dancers skip onto the stage in an energetic line, eventually circling the stage as they spread out across it. They are each wearing a plaid skirt, blouse, white socks, and white shoes with their hair in braids that end in red ribbons tied into bows. Most importantly, the dancers in their matching outfits all have their cowgirl hats firmly placed on their heads. They are ready to amaze the audience and get the dance started.

swiggle1 dot pattern2
ARTICO Video via YouTube Source: ARTICO Video via YouTube

Taking over the stage

Once they line up on the stage, the real fun begins. You can see how much time the group put into practicing when you see the line of dancers breaks into two lines nearly flawlessly as they appear to look off into the distance in search of something, with their hands shielding their eyes as if to protect them from the heat of the sun in a desert landscape, a cowgirl’s natural environment.

They continue the dance moves as the song continues, never missing a beat or falling out of line. Each dancer knows exactly where she needs to be on the stage and exactly when she needs to get there. They are filled with well-deserved confidence.

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ARTICO Video via YouTube Source: ARTICO Video via YouTube

Taking center stage

They merge into one line and then break into two again as the dancers move to fill the stage. They skip enthusiastically as they continue to hop and move to the upbeat song. They never miss a beat as their dancing takes them across the stage, sticking to the well-planned choreography.

Suddenly, a new and unexpected dancer enters the center of the stage. It’s not just cowgirls anymore. There’s a cowboy riding in on his steed, or a bouncing toy version of one anyway, as he makes his grand entrance wearing an outfit that complements that of the other performers.

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ARTICO Video via YouTube Source: ARTICO Video via YouTube

He lip-syncs along with the song, never missing a word, and bounces along with the beat as the girls skip around him, still keeping up with the incredible speed and energy of the music.

They each whirl imaginary lassos in the air as they circle the stage and the final dancer. These cowgirls and sole cowboy know how to stay in character right until the end, and they do.

Do you want to see it for yourself?

Check out the video of their spectacular performance below:

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Source: ARTICO Video via YouTube