Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn’s grandchildren cover ‘Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man’
She sounds like her grandmother Loretta.
Kenny Fernandez

If there’s something that screams summer, it’s cruising down the road with the radio up, listening to country music.

There is something quintessentially American about country music, although people from all over the world seem to have taken a liking to it!


One thing about country music is names – you never know what to expect!


Country artists always have funny names or nicknames and it goes back to the roots of the music.

Old-time country singers come from places were some of the funniest names around came from!

In fact, there’s even a website that documents country singers’ names (our favorite is Blake Shelton being called “Toad”).

If you’ve never heard of this funnily named group, it’s time to hop on the train.

Twitty and Lynn are a country duo that makes up the perfect country stereotype (in all the best ways).

Whether it’s singing songs about Texas or touring in Tennessee, they are some pretty incredible musicians and singers.

They recently performed a cover that celebrated their grandparents, who were also country singers!

Like it was meant to be, the two grandkids got together and decided to honor their grandparents (legends in their own rights) and perform some of their music.

In a way, that’s part of what country music is about – keeping traditions and stories alive.

The music video starts with that twangy guitar and tambourine that pull you back into an older time.


Tambourine isn’t used that much in country music now, especially in the way that it was used back then.

In their performance of ‘Lousiana Woman, Mississippi Man’, they decided to go back to their roots.

As they start singing, it’s easy to imagine their grandparents singing this song together back in 1976.


The setting is pretty perfect, too.

It has an old car, an American flag, and it seems to be in a barn – it just screams country.

As the two sing, it allows us to see something beautiful about music.

Music allows us to see back into our past.


Singing songs that people before us wrote help us to connect with what they were going through back then.

Their troubles, how they viewed love, and the things that interested them.

Want a spoiler? It wasn’t all that different!

While we may not be outrunning alligators in the Mississippi river like Tre is singing and his grandpa wrote about, we can appreciate the sentiment.

Well, Mississippi River, Lord, it’s one mile wide
And I’m gotta get me to the other side
Mississippi man, I’m losin’ my mind
Gotta have your loving one more time
I’m gonna jump in the river and here I go
Too bad alligator you swim too slow

It was all done for his love

! Watching the two artists clap, sing, and have fun singing this old song surely would make their grandparents proud if they could see them now.

They are truly keeping the tradition alive.

It seems that people loved the “reunion” online!

The video already has over 500k views and it’s only been up for a few days.

Check out the video for yourself below!

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By Kenny Fernandez
Kenny Fernandez is a contributor at SBLY Media.