Cheerleaders open homecoming with routine that brings students to their feet
I watched the "promise you'll catch me" part over and over again. 🤩
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While everyone looks forward to the event of Homecoming, few can handle the pressure of being on the “welcome team”, so to speak.

You know, the people who put on a show and actually make it fun?

Yep, those folks are under a lot of pressure to make sure the evening is full of entertainment, and not everyone is cut out for it.

These cheerleaders rocked their Homecoming.

The guys and girls of Shorecrest High School in Washington delivered a heart-stopping performance.

Their routine is worthy of praise.

Wearing their school colors with pride, these young dancers turned into a whirlwind of green and gold much to the crowd’s delight.


Listen to the crowd.

Assembled in a circle with pompoms ready, they begin punching and raising their hands in the air as the beat begins to play.

In an alternating sequence, they squat, kick, and turn as the tempo increases using their pompoms to bewilder the onlookers with the building energy.

The green and gold barrage of energy

Turning towards each other and seemingly creating a huddle, the boys stay in the center where a young lady is waiting.

In perfect timing with the music, they toss her high in the air as she dazzles with a high-energy split.

At this point, the entire school is singing along. Bouncing and jumping in their seats, the adrenaline seems to be contagious by now.

Here comes the dance.

Set to Britney Spears’s “Womanizer”, the ladies of Shorecrest proceed to wow the crowd with a simple but eye-catching routine that matches the mood of the song.

The crowd falls silent as they let the dancers set the tone for what’s coming next.

It worked.

Two girls balance on a net of arms and after a clap and a high five, they fall back letting their teammates catch them. That’s a standing ovation!

It’s amazing to see how they’re so careful in executing the steps and yet maintaining that high tempo of energy.

Now dancing to the aptly titled “When I grow up” by The Pussycat Dolls, these kids spread out by twos on the floor and perform a tandem dance that is mesmerizing to watch.

And what about the guys? Oh, don’t mind them. They’re just out in the middle doing cartwheels and backflips.

Nomadic Lana/flickr
Nomadic Lana/flickr

“Shorecrest” couldn’t be more aptly named.

The school’s boundaries include the shores of Lake Washington and sit on the crest of a hill. This is also why they are known as the Home of the Highlanders.

The school colors of forest green, navy blue, and old gold were part of the tartan of the clan Gordon of Scotland dating back to the 12th century.

The school received official permission from Lord Huntley, chief of the Gordon clan, to use the colors and symbols and to be representatives of the clan. How cool is that?

For clan and glory

These amazing dancers definitely made the clan proud.

You won’t believe the sound of the crowd.

I guess when you’ve been granted the honor of repping ancient clan colors for the modern generation, you give it your all to own the show.

That’s exactly what this cheer team did.

See the Shorecrest High School cheer team rock their Homecoming night in the video below!

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Source:, Shorelineschools