Couple take the stage and charm everyone with their old school footwork

March 29th, 2021

Chanzie and Stephen took the stage at the Deutsches Theater in Munich, Germany, during the Rock That Swing Festival. However, they did more than just perform. They swept us away with their energetic performance.

You’ll have to see what we mean!

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RockThatSwing via YouTube Source: RockThatSwing via YouTube

The Nitty Gritty

They danced to The Nitty Gritty, a song most of us recognize from Shirley Ellis’ 1963 rendition, written by Lincoln Chase. Back when it was released, it slowly climbed the Billboard charts, but even more than that, it became a dance sensation. Even over the years, it continued to be found in television commercials and shows. It’s a dance and sensation that found its way into our culture and our hearts.

It’s hard to argue with why. The music has all the energy and beats needed to get moving. It’s a song that can be best described as lively. It will get you on your feet and dancing, guaranteed.

Chanzie and Stephen

Chandrae “Chanzie” Roettig and Stephen Sayer have won quite a few awards together, and we can see why. Chanzie began her career in gymnastics but began to move toward contemporary dance while living in Portland. Oregon. Stephen Sayer is a dance instructor (and dancer) who focuses on the American partner jazz dances of the 1920s through 1950s.

They were practically fated to meet. And meet they did, and they have been dancing together ever since.

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RockThatSwing via YouTube Source: RockThatSwing via YouTube

The two of them have brought new life into swing dance. They’ve also brought it back to center stage in many ways. They have even done some dancing for the movie Gangster Squad. They’re that good!

Their style of dance isn’t gathering any dust. They won’t let it!

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RockThatSwing via YouTube Source: RockThatSwing via YouTube

Repeat performances

Their popular 2016 performance at the Rock That Swing Festival isn’t the only time they have gotten everyone to their feet at the festival. YouTube produces a slew of videos of their Rock That Swing dancing over the years.

In 2013, they were a part of the Shag Showcase that couldn’t be resisted. Their fasts and fancy footwork stole the show.

And they have just kept dancing through the years. Even in 2019, they brought their energy back to the festival. This time, they danced to Sam Cooke’s Twistin’ the Night Away. Their epic performance made the crowd cheer. They couldn’t stop smiling as they danced.

The show that left us breathless

The crowd was already excited before the duo even began. Thanks to Chanzie and Stephen’s previous performances, they knew what was coming, and it was going to be something amazing! Then the music started.

Side by side, the pair began to dance. Chanzie was wearing a white dress that bounced with her as she moved to the upbeat tempo. A black belt completed the look. Stephen was in black and maroon that complimented Chanzie’s outfit.

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RockThatSwing via YouTube Source: RockThatSwing via YouTube

Their moves were lively, quick, and in sync with each other while having this freewheeling flow to them. This was a dance done by two people who genuinely loved the music and what they were doing. You could see their enthusiasm. It was contagious. Even the crowd caught on, roaring right along with the song and encouraging the duo in their performance.

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RockThatSwing via YouTube Source: RockThatSwing via YouTube

Are you ready to see it for yourself yet?

Put on your dancing shoes and check out the video below. You won’t regret it for a second.

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