Brothers Play Incredible Jimi Hendrix Cover On Cellos

November 8th, 2018

It’s so touching when older generations pass on talents and stories to their kids and grandchildren. Talent and passion are pretty much the best gifts an elder can pass on to their kin.

When one man moved to America with nothing but his cello, he pursued the American dream of making a life for himself using his true passions and talents. He did just that playing this beautiful instrument, and he has so much to show for it – including his two grandsons.

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Emil & Dariel started taking cello lessons from their grandfather when they were both just four years old. They’ve never had another teacher besides their grandfather, and the bond that they share is unlike any other. They look up to him for his talent and his dedication to the instrument, and it’s clear that skill is passed on through genes!

“We never took lessons from anyone else. He’s everything to us,”

The boys say about their grandfather. Is that not the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard?

Grandpa says that,

“I’ve always told that boys that in America, if you work very hard, dreams come true.”

What an inspiration! And also such a kind, optimistic soul. If only there were more people like him in the world.

The cello isn’t an easy instrument to master. To make it sing as these two do, you have to have impeccable technique, but you also have to have an emotional connection to it. They’ve spent hours upon hours practicing throughout their lives, and it certainly shows!

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Since they’re brothers, they have that extra thing going for them. When they play together, they feed off of each other’s energy and are able to create something totally unique and extremely special. Watching these two is a true honor!

When they step onto the America’s Got Talent stage, the judges are most likely expecting something classical – something traditional. To be fair, the boys are dressed rather conservatively, and there’s nothing about them that suggests that they’re anything other than the dedicated classical musician.

However, when the music starts, everything changes.

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There’s so much going on during this performance! Not only are they talented musicians, but they’re incredible performers, giving the audience exactly what they didn’t know they wanted!

Trust me, you’ve never heard Jimi Hendrix quite like this before, and you’ll sure be glad you did.

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There are adult musicians that can’t play as well and as spirited as these two play. I could watch and listen to them play all day long.

The look of pride on grandpa’s face is so precious. He also put his heart and soul into this performance with all the years of instructing his grandsons on the instrument. Thanks to him, these two have a skill and a passion that will take them very far in life, and that they’ll be able to remember him by for the rest of their lives. Surely, they’ll do their best to pass on the love of music with future generations as well.

The judges and crowd absolutely loved this performance, what about you? Do you think they did Jimi Hendrix justice with this electric cello cover?

My vote is yes, absolutely! No doubt about it!

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