Busker accidentally unplugs mic mid-song and crowd saves him in amazing way

March 29th, 2021

Before the pandemic, the world is filled with lots of talented street performers also known as “buskers”. But for a street performance to be worth the people’s while, it must be really captivating.

Getting the public’s attention is just the start.

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Making them stop and listen to you is another story. This street performer, in particular, has all that, but that’s not all because he even made the crowd sing along with him.

To top it all, he does it while singing an Ed Sheeran hit!

Almost everyone (if not everyone) knows the song.

I mean, who wouldn’t? It is a song from his third studio album, ‘÷’ which was released back in 2017. To no surprise, it claimed international success:

“After the album’s release, it charted at number four on the UK Singles Chart. On 21 August 2017, Billboard announced that “Perfect” would be the fourth single from the album. The song was serviced to pop radio on 26 September 2017 as the third single from the album in the United States (fourth overall). The song eventually reached number one on the UK Singles Chart and the US Billboard Hot 100 in December 2017. “Perfect” became the UK Christmas number-one song for 2017 and also peaked at number one in sixteen other countries, including Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand.”

How can a busker possibly pull it off? Ask no more because this gentleman will show you how. With his impeccably beautiful voice, he will transform a simple street performance into a mini-concert.

Remember this talented guy’s name – Jacob Koopman.

He is an Indonesian singer and songwriter.

This young talented fella is also half Dutch but originally from Bali. Since he moved to Ireland, he has been performing on the streets of Grafton.

Koopman also has tens of thousands of followers on his social media accounts. There, he announces any upcoming performances or music releases that he’s about to have.

He also uploads videos of his street performances and jams with the online audience of his live streams.

Can he do justice to the song?

Let this video be the judge.

The video starts with a couple of people dropping their kind donations and it looks like Jacob’s just finished a song. Then, he tells the audience his next piece is an Ed Sheeran song.

The crowd waits in excitement as Koopman gets himself ready for the next round of his performance.

He sings the first few words and the crowd immediately goes wild.

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YouTube - Dublin City Today Source: YouTube - Dublin City Today

Not only that, but the people watching him also start to sing with him.

They’re swaying from left to right, and some of them are even dancing in pairs. That shows the charm Koopman has, his music radiates into the core of his listeners.

Any performer would love the energy coming from this type of audience. It pushes artists to do more and give more to their performances. After all, a musician’s craft is meaningless without a listener, wouldn’t you agree?

Suddenly, though, something unexpected happened.

His music system goes off!

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YouTube - Dublin City Today Source: YouTube - Dublin City Today

But hey, that’s not a problem at all! As he tries to fix it, his audience gladly continues the song for him. This crowd is really the BEST!

It’s then their time to serenade Koopman and give the love right back at him.

Of course, the busker loves every bit of it.

However, as they reach the high notes, the crowd’s volume goes down like they’re telling Jacob, “How long’s that going to take? We can’t quite keep up with the high notes of the song.”

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YouTube - Dublin City Today Source: YouTube - Dublin City Today

Most of them are singing as they patiently wait for the music system to be fixed, while some of them are busy filming the beautiful scene of music and melody.

As the music comes back on, the crowd welcomes Koopman again and showers him with loud cheers and waves of applause. How can you fail such a supportive crowd?

As it turns out, Koopman can deliver.

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YouTube - Dublin City Today Source: YouTube - Dublin City Today

His warm and soothing voice resonates all across the streets of Dublin. All he has is a simple sound system and an acoustic guitar but the music that he produces is something else.

Let’s not forget this young musician’s charisma.

He is definitely oozing with a pleasing personality and vibrant aura which make him a total package of a performer.

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YouTube - Dublin City Today Source: YouTube - Dublin City Today

If this performance doesn’t amaze you then I don’t know what the 16.9 million views of this video actually means. If you want to listen to more of his music, then be sure to follow him on his social media accounts.

Watch Koopman and crowd’s cover of ‘Perfect’ in the video below.

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