This Blind Girl's Performance Had The Judges In Tears

January 29th, 2019

Do you have a favorite reality show?

Although all of us probably watch too much television already as it is, it’s hard to resist a good reality show. For some of us, it’s older competition shows like Survivor. For others, it’s shows that follow a celebrity’s lifestyle—something like Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Right now, though, the biggest shows on TV seem to be talent shows of all different stripes. Although American Idol has ended, there are plenty of other shows that have sprung up to pick up the slack.

One of the most popular of these newer shows is The Voice.

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If you’ve never seen it before, The Voice has been around since 2011 and is a little more complicated than some other singing shows.

Unlike American Idol, much of the competition on the show actually takes place between a panel of celebrity judges who try to build a team of excellent talent. Though the contestants compete for votes as well, this other aspect adds another wrinkle to the show. In any event, The Voice is broadcast worldwide and exists in many iterations at this point. One version many of us probably haven’t seen is The Voice Kids, namely the French edition of the show.

Still, their show had one of the most incredible performances on it that we’ve ever seen.

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It all started when Jane Constance auditioned on the show when she was 14 years old.

Constance had been born blind in Mauritius in 2000. She began singing at five years old and learned how to play the piano when she was only seven. Needless to say, music quickly became one of her greatest passions. She decided to study music at the Royal School of Music in London and later decided to compete on the show. To showcase her talents, she chose “The Prayer” by Italian singer-songwriter Andrea Bocelli. As Bocelli is blind as well, the song was aptly chosen for the show’s blind audition round.

After a few breaths, Constance set into a performance that moved the entire crowd.

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It’s clear from the very beginning that this song is going to be one of the best performances on the show.

Constance’s voice is young but soulful and the judges look ready to tear up from the very beginning. It only takes her singing for less than a minute for two of the judges to hit their buzzers, turning around to face the young contestant. The crowd cheers as the performance continues. Although she’s very young, she demonstrates plenty of control over a very difficult and sweet song.

Although the crowd is clearly moved, the final judge Jenifer still has her back turned while she listens closely.

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Constance continues through the song, delicately and sweetly singing through the melody.

Though Jenifer has been holding out the entire time, she finally hits her buzzer towards the end of the song—in fact, she smashes it multiple times! With all the judges now facing her, they get on their feet for a standing ovation. As it turns out, the entire audience gets on their feet as well! After everyone claps, young Constance does a little curtsy and says “Merci,” French for “thank you.”

The clip so far has earned more than three million views on YouTube—and it’s not hard to see why!

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Although these vocal performance shows are always full of emotion, this performance is really something special.

As it turns out, not only did Jane Constance get on the show, she actually won! As a result of her victory, she was able to get a record deal and released an album in 2016 titled À travers vos yeux and another in 2018 titled Un jour j’ai rêvé (translated as “Through Your Eyes” and “One Day I Dreamed,” respectively). Although the journey of creative expression is a challenging one no matter what the conditions, appearing on the national stage at such a young age is something entirely different. Fortunately, Constance saw her way through it with ease!

Still, her story doesn’t end there.

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As a result of talent and bravery, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recognized her as an Artist for Peace in 2017!

In a statement they released on their site, they explained their decision in detail:

“Jane Constance will be named in recognition of her commitment to promoting the rights of persons with disabilities, her work for their empowerment and inclusion and for her dedication to the ideals of the Organization.

As a UNESCO Artist for Peace, Ms Constance will lend her support to the Organization’s work in favour of the inclusion of persons with disabilities.”

As Constance’s story shows, being brave, following your dreams and sharing your talents with the world pays off in a lot of different ways! As she’s still so young, we’re only expecting more and more from her as she gets older and records more music.

Congratulations to Jane Constance on all of her success!

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