The 10 Best Performances In Britain's Got Talent History

June 13th, 2018

Originally broadcast in 2007, Britain’s Got Talent has become a mainstream in pop culture. Every year, hundreds of contestants flock to the auditions, hoping to impress the judges with their array of talents— some downright mesmerizing and others more bizarre. Throughout the years, the show has introduced us to dozens of talented performers, each bringing something unique to the table— but these ones? These are the absolute best.

We’ve gathered the top 10 very best Britain’s Got Talent performances and want to know what you think. Each of the following videos has garnered millions upon millions of views— but now, we’re putting them to the test.

You are in the judging seat and we encourage you to use your powers wisely. This decision will alter the lives of every contestant and their fate is in your hands. With that, we leave you just one question: Which act gets your Golden Buzzer?

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Bars & Melody

Back in 2014, Leondre Davis and Charlie Lenehan (performing as Bars & Melody) took the world by storm. The two young teens shocked everyone when they belted out an original song— based on Twista and Faith Evans’ “Hope”— inspired by their real-life experiences with bullying. In this memorable video, the audience made their choice known, chanting “Push the gold!” until Simon smashed the buzzer. You can read more about Bars & Melody here.

Lettice Rowbotham

Lettice (“like the salad”) Rowbotham, 24, had a memorable audition for more than one reason. The quirky yet posh violinist made everyone laugh during her pre-audition chat with the judges— but when she pulled out her violin and performed a warbling mashup of top 40 hits, the crowd immediately went wild. “I’m too hungover to be nervous… which is great,” she laughed in a pre-recorded interview.


When Junior (performing as Bonetics) took the stage, he introduced the world to a new, mind-blowing style of dance. Combining elements of flexing, tutting, and waving styles, Bonetics makes the audience gasp as he contortions his body to the rhythmic beat. The 17-year-old began dancing as a way to deal with his behavioural issues. “It’s really helped me grow as a person and get better,” he said.

Asanda Jezile

Inspired by divas like Rhianna and Beyonce, Asanda has been waiting her entire life for this very moment. Taking on the song “Diamonds” by Rhianna, one her idols, Asanda awes the judges with her amazing voice and stage presence. Although critics called the 11-year-old’s song choice racy, David Walliams called the performance “phenomenal”.

Darcy Oake

Canadian magician Darcy Oake has been practicing magic since he was just a young boy Looking to perform on a global level, he made his way to the show to demonstrate his skills in one of the toughest talent competitions in the world. Using sleight of hand, Darcy performed mind-bending illusions, making doves appear out of fire, and pulling an entire cage out of his sleeve. After the series, he landed his own show named Darcy Oake: Edge of Reality, hosted by Christine Bleakley.

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Forbidden Nights

Lewis and Forbidden Nights were the best surprise performance in the history of the show— and David Walliams was a definite fan. Lewis tells the judges he will be singing for them, but after a few notes, the music stops and men with “CREW” jackets surround him, suddenly taking the stage. With that, in one of the sexiest auditions ever, Magic Mike comes to life. “We wanted to create something unique and shocking,” their website reads. “It’s all made worthwhile when we see your jaws drop to the floor.”

Boogie Storm

The show’s judges didn’t know what to think when an army of Storm Troopers stomped onto the stage, refusing to answer any questions. Later, when they shook their butts to a mishmash of fun, popular songs— like Gangham Style, Whip/Nae Nae, and All The Single Ladies— Simon couldn’t resist smashing the buzzer.

Natalie Okri

Nicknamed “Baby Beyonce” by her fans, Natalie is a 10-year-old girl with the voice of a woman. Tackling “No One” by Alicia Keys, the child blows everyone away with her refined and mature sound. Natalie did very well in the competition but unfortunately did not take home first prize. Afterward, she told UK Mirror, “It was a wonderful experience to be able to sing in front of so many people… I am still happy that I did so well.”

James More

Full-time magician James More shocked and amazed Britain’s Got Talent judges with his mind-bending magic routines. Having practiced magic since he was 8 years old, James starts by making a cloth fly across the stage like a magic carpet— but that was light in nature considering the fact that he literally gets impaled. With four big fat yesses from the judges, James and his amazing tricks made it all the way to the show’s semi-finals.

Calum Scott

Back in 2015, Calum Scott melted hearts everywhere with his soulful rendition of Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own”. The judges were immediately entranced with his style, with Simon even telling him: “I’ve never ever in all the years I’ve done this show heard a guy with the talent you’ve got. Seriously.” After the show, Calum went on to release his version of “Dancing on My Own”, which made it to #2 on the UK Singles Chart and was the best-selling song of that summer.

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