Relive The Best Auditions Of America’s Got Talent

June 8th, 2018

Can you believe season 13 of America’s Got Talent is already here? The show has only just begun, so it is hard to say who will take home the prize at the end of the season.

However, on season 12 of AGT, it was clear from the very first episode that Darci Lynne Farmer had stolen America’s heart and would make it to the end of the competition.

But Darci wasn’t the only great audition on season 12 of America’s Got Talent. Check out the 10 best auditions from last season of AGT!

1. Puddles Pity Party brings clowns to the AGT stage in a new way

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Clowns aren’t new to entertainment, not even sad clowns. But the world had never quite seen a clown as sad as Puddles.

Puddles surprised the judges with his somber expression, but what was even more surprising was the powerful voice hiding behind the clown makeup.

For his audition, Puddles belted out a very interesting rendition of Sia’s hit song “Chandelier.”

He even got notorious grumpy judge Simon Cowell to reconsider his fear of clowns. The judge told Puddles that he had a great deal of originality!

2. Chase Goehring gives the judges serious Ed Sheeran vibes

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Often times, on these reality competitions singers try to mimic famous pop stars for their auditions.

When it came to 21-year-old Chase Goehring, he didn’t really try to mimic a singer, but he has an Ed Sheeran vibe that is undeniable.

For his audition, Chase wrote an original song, titled “Hurt,” which is about a girl that is in a bad relationship and a guy just trying to help her out of it.

Not only did Chase look like Ed Sheeran, his singing and songwriting similar mirror the redheaded Brit.

3. Little Angelica Hale proves big voices hide in tiny bodies

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Angelica Hale stole the judges hearts the moment that she stepped on stage. She was sweet, cute, and charming.

Not only that, Angelica had an amazing story. When she was just 4, she got so sick, her parents thought they were going to lose her. But thankfully, Angelica’s mom was able to donate her a kidney and saved her life.

Angelica brought her mom to her audition (she was only 9 at the time, after all) and called her “her hero” when Tyra Banks interviewed her.

There was a lot more to Angelica than a cute face and personality. She packed a powerful voice behind it all and for her audition, she sang Andra Day’s hit song “Rise Up” and totally blew the judges away.

4. Demian Aditya risks his life during an escape act

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AGT is not short on daredevils every season and on season 12, Demian Aditya terrified the judges during his audition.

Demian is a master escape artist and he is known for his death-defying stunts. For his AGT audition, he wore handcuffs, got locked inside of a box, and then had 900 pounds of sand poured on him.

It was so intense, Simon even said to Howie Mandel that he thought sand would be much worse than water.

The judges watched from the edges of their seats and when the sand was moved, Demian was no longer in the box. He’s somehow escaped without anyone realizing!

5. Mandy Harvey, a deaf singer, blows the judges away with her original song

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During the auditions for AGT, there were many standouts. Mandy Harvey stood out for her beautiful voice, but because the judges didn’t realize at first that she was deaf.

For her audition, Mandy took off her shoes so she could really feel the music even though she could not hear it.

She wrote an original song, titled “Try,” that she wanted to perform for the judges during her audition.

Simon was so blown away, he got out of his seat and joined Mandy on stage because he had to tell her face to face that her audition was one of the most amazing things he’d ever heard.

6. Brandon Rogers, who tragically passed away before his AGT audition aired

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As you may or may not know, the auditions for America’s Got Talent are not filmed live. They can be filmed anywhere from weeks to months in advance, depending on where the audition took place.

Brandon Rogers auditioned for AGT but passed away in a car accident on June 11th, 2017 before his audition could air.

America’s Got Talent decided to still air Brandon’s audition at the request of his family and it was an emotional one.

Brandon beautifully sang Stevie Wonder’s “Ribbon in the Sky” and had the audience on their feet screaming by the end. Howie told him that he wasted time in school because he had a career as a singer ahead of him.

7. Celine Tam tells the judges she’s named after Celine Dion

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There was more than one cute 9-year-old on last season of America’s Got Talent. Celine Tam might even be more memorable, but because of her name.

When Celine walked on the stage, she quickly revealed that she was named after her parents’ favorite singer – Celine Dion. She even has a little sister named Dion!

For her audition, Celine obviously sang a song from her namesake. Apparently, Celine’s parents realized she had talent when she sang “My Heart Will Go On” in the car one day.

That is when they all decided she would audition for America’s Got Talent and she would sing that song! Simon Cowell might have rolled his eyes at her at first, but by the end, her talent (and cute factor) was undeniable.

8. Evie Clair performs a moving song dedicated to her sick father

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Many contestants on America’s Got Talent are dealing with a lot in their home lives. Typically, people will dedicate their audition to someone special.

For Evie Clair, that someone special was her father. At the time of audition, he was battling stage four colon cancer, but he still managed to make it to her audition to watch her from the side of the stage.

Before she sang, she broke down in tears talking about her father illness. Host Tyra Banks rushed on stage to give Evie water.

For the audition, Evie performed an emotional rendition of “Arms” and dedicated it to her father.

9. Mike Yung proves that subway singers are more talented than most

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How many times have you traveled on a subway and heard someone singing on the subway platform?

If you’ve ever been to New York, there is a chance you might have seen Mike Yung performing before.

Mike Yung actually went viral as a subway performer before he appeared on AGT. The man had spent 37 years singing on subway platforms.

For his audition, Mike sang “Unchained Melody” and absolutely took everyone’s breath away. Everyone felt that a voice like his deserved to be heard by millions, not just busy commuters.

10. Darci Lynne Farmer blows judges away with her puppets

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As if anyone else was more memorable than Darci Lynne Farmer! She was a star from her very first appearance on AGT.

During her audition, Darci Lynne admitted that she used her puppets to handle any social anxiety and shyness she felt.

Darci Lynne’s ventriloquist act was a perfect blend of comedy and singing. She auditioned with her puppet Petunia and sang Ella Fitzgerald’s “Summertime.”

It came as no surprise to anyone when Mel B shot up to slam down on her Golden Buzzer for Darci Lynne.

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