Tiny dancer channels inner Aretha Franklin in “Respect” dance performance and goes viral

June 24th, 2020

Some kids have no problem taking over and stealing the show.

When they do, it can definitely lead to something special. This little girl brings out her inner Aretha Franklin in a performance that demanded respect and stole hearts all over the internet.

This little girl has so much attitude!

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This young girl owns this Aretha Franklin song and goes viral for her fierce moves.

Johanna Colón was six years old when she broke the internet with her powerful Aretha Franklin impersonation. She was at a dance recital and as soon as the song “Respect” came on, she jumped and turned to the crowd before the real show started.

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Johanna throws her arms through the air and snaps her finger with some attitude.

Before long, she completely takes over the show and owns the stage. She really puts her all into this performance!

From this clip, it’s clear Johanna was meant to be a star.

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Her head movements and hand gestures are priceless.

The little diva stomps across the stage, directing the show with two other girls following her cues. Every move she makes screams respect, and her energy is so perfect for this song.

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Some kids are natural-born performers, and Johanna is definitely one of them.

In an interview with The Washington Post, she explains what made her perform like this:

“On the day of the recital, our teacher was like, “You have to do it as sassy as you can.” So I just did it like that.”

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Aretha Franklin herself watched a clip of Johanna break it down and loved the little girl’s enthusiasm.

During an interview on The Talk, the late Aretha Franklin watched a clip of Johanna channeling her inner Aretha and was impressed.

Johanna posted a reaction video of her watching the legend admire her performance, and she was so excited that she actually acknowledged her.

“That little girl is serious, she is fierce, okay? I’m scared of her.” Said Franklin.

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Johanna not only has the moves down, but she also has the facial expressions to match.

This pint-sized dancer pulls out all the stops including some hilariously adorable facial expressions that have the crowd cheering even louder. At just six years old, Johanna already has her own take on what “respect” means.

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“In my opinion, I think it means, like, girls are independent and boys don’t have to tell a woman what to do unless the girls tell the men what to do, then they have a choice.” Johanna told The Washington Post.

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Johanna and her mother had no idea this video would go viral, but when it did, their whole life changed.

This video changed Johanna’s life! She became an instant star and appeared on Ellen and Steve Harvey’s show Little Big Shots. The instant stardom led Johanna towards the film industry, guest-starring in The Guest Book for TBS and starring in the movie Troupe Zero for Amazon Studios.

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The video of Johanna performing “Respect” by Aretha Franklin has warmed hearts all around the world, and millions of people have watched the funny young girl bring down the house.

This video has been viewed 59 million times on Facebook and over 7.6 million times on YouTube.

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What an awesome thing to see!

Her sassy stage presence and lovable personality carved her an amazing path in life. We’ll be looking for Johanna in Hollywood. To see her own the stage, watch the video below!

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