Ann-Margret finally opens up about her infamous and scandalous affair with Elvis Presley
“I knew I’d crossed into a certain uncharted territory."
Luis Gaskell

There aren’t many musical legends who are as big as the king of rock and roll.

Elvis Presley was an American icon just as much as a musical one. As is usual with stars like him, his personal life was just as interesting as his career.

One bit of Elvis’ personal life that has many of us intrigued is his relationship with Ann-Margret.

It may be uncomfortable to know that the king was no loyal man, but that was the truth.

Call it the influence of fame and fortune if you will, but Elvis was already engaged when he began seeing Ann-Margaret.

His fiancée (and later, wife) Priscilla was not happy about it, needless to say.

She knew Elvis had a habit of admiring other women, but a full-blown love affair was a step too far.

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The king saw a lot of women in his lifetime.

He was the biggest music star in the world, and he was a bit of a sex symbol.

This meant every woman wanted to be with him, and many men wanted to be him.

Indeed, he was one of the most desired men in the world.

And decades after his death, we’re finally learning more about his relationship with Ann-Margaret.

It was on the set of Viva Las Vegas where the two met.

A then-22 Ann-Margret met the 28-year-old Elvis while filming in 1963.

Ann-Margret had heard talk of the suave singer and the grip he had on women all over.

It sounded unbelievable, yet this is exactly what would happen to her too.

The two clearly liked each other. Anyone who observed them on set could tell.

“Initially, Elvis and I might’ve admitted that the only heat between us came from the hot desert sun.” – she once said

They bonded over dancing, their love of music, and motorcycles. There’s no denying Elvis was in love with her.

With how head-over-heels he was for the actress, you’d think he wasn’t already engaged.

Indeed, Priscilla was furious.

Though she made sure to be discreet about it until the time came for her memoir.

One of the times she shared her genuine feelings on the matter was in her book “Elvis and Me.” Priscilla recalls when Elvis finally confessed to the affair.

In her rage over the affair, Priscilla hurled a flower vase across the room, shattering it.

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Can you imagine being wed to the most famous man on the planet, only to learn that? I can hardly blame her.

She wouldn’t be the only woman in Elvis’ life to spill details decades later.

In 2021, a much older Ann-Margret finally admitted to the affair she had with the king of rock and roll.

“We were friends for a long time, E.P. and I. We met on the movie, we had several things in common, including a love for Las Vegas. We dated, and we just had a great time together.”

It was passionate, fun, and not something she’ll ever forget.

Of course, it wasn’t exactly right either. But such is usually the case with superstars and their love lives.

Hear more about their relationship in the video below.

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