Although the glamorous facade of celebrity life often suggests lavish parties and endless fun, it doesn’t absolve individuals from legal responsibilities. Celebrities encounter a myriad of obstacles, from societal pressure to engage in substance abuse to the strain of living under constant public scrutiny. Below, you’ll find a compilation of 25 celebrities whose notable criminal histories may come as a surprise.

Tim Allen

At the youthful age of 25, American actor Tim Allen encountered a serious predicament when airport security detained him for trafficking over one and a half pounds of cocaine. Faced with the grim possibility of a lifelong imprisonment, Allen made the decision to admit guilt to the drug trafficking offense. In a strategic move to mitigate his sentence, he cooperated with authorities by disclosing the identities of 21 other individuals involved in the illicit trade. As a result of this cooperation, his punishment was reduced to five years, of which he ultimately served around two and a half years.