Judges Scoff When Girl Says She Sounds Like Whitney Houston, Regret It When She Starts To Sing

November 29th, 2017

When you are a singer presenting your talent on a show like Britain’s Got Talent, the attention and expectations can be overwhelming. Every singing voice is beautiful in their own way, but are they striking enough to make an impression on four critical judges? Especially the most critical of them all, Simon Cowell?

The nerves of impressing Simon alone could make even most experienced singer feel stage fright. But one girl overcame this fear to perform her passion.

12-year-old Maia Gough bravely stepped onto the intimidating stage of Britain’s Got Talent.

One audience member aptly commented, “She looks sweet.”

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Her disposition was one of a typical, modest 12-year-old. She had a shy smile and laughed as she recounted all the family members she brought with her to watch her perform, such as her mom, her dad, her grandma, her aunt, her uncle, her cousins, etc.

With Maia hailing from South Wales, Judge David Walliams quipped, “So all of Wales,” when Maia finished describing all the family members she brought. His well-timed jokes helped calm her nerves before she went on to perform.

Maia announced that she was going to sing the song “I Have Nothing” by her idol, Whitney Houston.

Simon immediately had a skeptical expression the moment Maia named her singing idol. The audience also shared his skepticism, wondering if the girl could pull off a song from the legendary singer.

But the moment Maia began singing, the audience immediately erupted into cheers.

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Despite the girl’s small stature, she had a voice rich with soul. The looks on the judges’ faces were priceless when they saw her incredible ability.

As the song goes on and the audience’s cheers grow louder, you can see Maia’s confidence grow as she belts out note after note. The girl is truly a star in the making.

Her mother’s emotional reaction to her daughter’s talent is also touching. Her family really believes in her 100%.

Check out Maia’s incredible performance for yourself below. I think she would have made Whitney proud.

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Source: Britain’s Got Talent