10 Tips From Stylist To Make You Look Slimmer

May 14th, 2018

Most of us struggle to lose weight and look slimmer, but what if you could look thin and fit without having to lose weight? The way you dress and carry yourself can change the way you look and make you appear slimmer. These tips from a stylist will show you how to look you best in anything you wear.

Avoid Wrapping Yourself In Baggy Clothes

Many girls make the mistake of thinking that if they wear baggy clothes, it helps hide their weight. In reality, it can make you bigger. If you want to wear clothes that are baggy, make sure you leave them open in the front to show off your shape. Plus, don’t wear too many baggy pieces at one time.

Monochrome Colors

Monochrome colors are flattering on almost every figure. The solid colors help improve the shape of the body, and there are no bright colors or patterns to pull the eye across the body and make it appear wider.

Fabric Quality

A good quality fabric will show off your shape without showing off your rolls or extra weight. Poorer-quality fabric can make you look frumpy and won’t fit as well. Colors and designs can do the same. It’s worth the extra money to buy something that looks good on your body type.

Avoid Too Much Contrast

Contrasts can be good, but too much of a contrast difference can make you look bigger. Avoid using dark colors on top of lighter colors. Instead, try layering and using different color combinations to get a similar but more flattering look.

Vertical Stripes

Stripes can change the way you look dramatically. A horizontal stripe can make you look wider and should be avoided if you want to look slimmer. However, vertical stripes can help you look taller, slimmer, and leaner. If you choose to wear stripes, opt for vertical ones.

Bulky Accessories

Your accessories are meant to compliment your outfit. Accessories that are too bulky or clunky can make you look bigger and wider. Choose smaller or sleeker pieces that don’t add bulk to your body or outfit.


Big prints are in style, but they don’t look good on every body type. Avoid prints that are too busy, are too large, or have more than one pattern on them. Also, avoid wearing patterns on both tops and bottoms.

Accent Pieces

Don’t be afraid to use accent pieces to change the shape of your body. Stripes on pants can make you look taller and slimmer, and long earrings can also pull the eye to the face and make you appear taller and leaner.


Too many layers can make you look heavier and bulky, but a couple layers can help slim your silhouette and make you look thinner. Rolling your sleeves on a blazer is a great way to make you look a little lighter, too.

Wear Black

Black has the ability to make everyone look slimmer. It can hide flaws on the body and improve your overall appearance. Black is also easy to accessorize and looks great with layers. The right black outfit can be worn to the office during the day and out on the town at night while making you look slim and trim the entire time.

You don’t always get free clothing tips from a stylist, so be sure to take these ones to heart. If you are looking for a way to look slimmer but you don’t have time for to wait for the results of dieting and exercising, use these simple wardrobe tweaks to change your look and feel good about yourself.

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Source: Brightside